Attention: Although the information below is still valid, there are now two official documents available which describe the theme customization of Quickr (Domino). Please check the following links:

Customizing themes in IBM Lotus Quickr services for IBM Lotus Domino 8.1 / 8.2

Redbooks Wiki: Customizing Lotus Quickr 8.1 / 8.2

How to change the design of the Quickr landing page?

The landing page of Lotus Quickr (the one you see if no user is logged in resp. where MyPlaces are displayed) is stored in lotusQuickr/Main.nsf. This is just a stripped down version of a regular place with it's own style. What you need to do is add in some elements to allow you to create a customized version of the landing page. Here are the instructions:

Using the Notes client go into LotusQuickr/LotusQuickr/Main.nsf and modify the ACL so that the user id you are using has the role of h_superuser in order to be able to access the database.

From another existing Quickr Place, copy the following forms into the design of the above database using the Domino Designer:

  • QDK_h_Page
  • QDK_h_Subroom

[Start of instructions for Quickr 8.1 / 8.2]

From another existing Quickr Place copy all documents from the System\Customize view to the above database using the Notes Client.

With the Notes client copy also the document “Customize” from the System\Table of Contents view to the above database.

[Start of instructions for Quickr 8.0x]

Also from another place copy the following documents from the QDK view to the above database using the Notes Client:

  • h_Tailor “Customize”
  • h_Skins
  • h_Decorate
  • h_PlaceTypeOptions

[The following steps are again valid for both versions]

Copy the directory ../domino/html/qphtml/skins/setup/ to a new directory. Use the files in this directory as a starting place for your customizations.

You will have to customize the folliwing files in this directory, just as you do for customizing the theme of a normal Quickr place:

  • list.html
  • stylesheet.css
  • edit.html
  • page.html

From a browser open Quickr and log in with a user who is Quickr administrator. You should now be able to see the Customize link. Click on that and create a custom theme using the modified theme files. After that choose “Decorate” from within the “Customize” menu. From there click “Choose a Theme” and choose your just created customized theme.

Then you should be done …

[Thanks to my colleague Gary Ernst for this information!]