How to change the root for the cache folder of the Quickr connector?

Per default the cache folder of the Quickr connector is located in the user profile (e.g. “C:\Documents and Settings\<username>”).

To shorten the complete file name of a cached file (the complete path cannot have more than 255 characters and Quickr Domino internally is using a long UNID for every folder/room) you can change the root path of the cache folder for every place in the connector.

To change the default path for every new place you add to the connector, you have to do the following:

In the key “HKCU\Software\IBM\Lotus Quickr\Desktop Integration” create a REG_SZ called “LibrariesRoot”. Set the value to be the directory you choose (e.g. C:\QTemp).

Any libraries created from that point will default to “LibrariesRoot”\<server>\<library> path.

Be careful:

  • Although this is a temporary cache folder you should NOT delete manually all files/folder in this diretory. Deleting of cached files should be done only from the connector.
  • As this is a cache folder files could be stored locally inside this folder. If you have a machine which is used by more than one person other persons might be ablt to see these files although they do not have the rights on the Quickr server itself (that is the reason why the standard path points to the user profile!)