How to show a list of all users and access rights in a Quickr place?

Two undocumented URLs to get a list of all users in a place or in all rooms of a place together with their access rights (Original text from a SNAPPS Quickplace newsletter):

“The first one lets you view the Access Control List (security settings) of the Room you're in at the time. This one is useful when you are in a subroom and would like a quick way to see the Room's membership. In addition to what you can see in the Members list, it reports each member's access level. Also, since this is a report from the database ACL, it reveals things you don't see in the Member list, such as the presence of the QuickPlaceAdministratorsSUGroup, the Default access level, and the Server's entry in the ACL.

To access this report, first enter a place and a room within that place. It'll work in the main room, but the second one is more interesting for that. Next, go to the Address bar and remove everything from the end back to ”.nsf“. Add the following: ”?OpenDatabase&RoomAcl“ and press Enter. In a short while, an HTML report will form on the screen providing you with all the ACL information on the room.


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The second report is my favorite. This one you want to run from the main room. Using the same method as described above, append the following after “Main.nsf”: ”?OpenDatabase&PlaceSecurity“. This report gives you the same information, but for EVERY room in the place!”

[Thanks to SNAPPS]