Redhat Wiki

Here I will collect some things I learned while using Lotus products together with Redhat Linux Enterprise Server. I have not much experience with Linux yet so maybe these things are already well known to others …

Starting GNOME:


Disable XWindows on boot

 Edit /etc/inittab
 Change "id:5:initdefault:" to "id:3:initdefault:"

Setting max screen resolution for Virtualbox guests

 VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution <horizontal size>,<vertical size> (set it globally for all guests)
 VBoxManage controlvm <uuid>|<name> setvideomodehint <xres> <yres> <bpp> [display]  (set it for a certain VM)

Running a Virtualbox machine in the background (you need to enable RDP for the VM before!)

 VBoxHeadless -startvm <machinename>

How To Shrink Your Virtualbox VM And Free Up Space For Your Hard Disk
Installation Virtualbox unter Linux
Allgemeine Tips zu Linux/Ubuntu etc.


Lotus Domino Install Guide for Linux:

Setting Up a Domino Partition on a Server with One or More Preexisting Partitions Already

Script to start and stop a Domino server

Simple Backup and Restore a complete Linux System

Backup with FlyBack

Install Kernel Sources

How do I restart network services

How to install Virtualbox Guest Additions for a Linux Guest?